est. 2017

Come in and taste the difference

About Us

Established in 2017, Utila Brewing Company is proud to be Utila's first ever microbrewery.

From humble beginnings, we brew a batch of new beer every two weeks and hope to increase our production as the company grows.

If you're interested in seeing us brew some beer, call into the brewery and we'll let you know when the next brew date is.

meet sam

Sam is the owner and founder of Utila Brewing Co. A diving instructor by trade, Sam fell in love with Utila when he first came to dive here over seven years ago - he's been returning ever since.

Having already launched a successful bar & restaurant in London, he's no stranger to this world but now wanted to move onto the next step: brewing the beer too!

Sam spent 4 months in San Diego learning the brewing process from his new friends at Ballast Point Brewery to make sure he could make the best tasting beer for Utila. After many a 'tough and tiresome' tasting session, he eventually got there!

our beers

At Utila Brewing Co., we love all types of beer so naturally we'll be making all types of beer at our brewery.. hurray!

Our first ever beer brewed in Utila was a citrousy IPA, called Dreadlock Dave but we'll be making everything from lagers to stouts. Just call in to see whats brewing in our next batch of beer.

our grains

This is Sam and Doug Duffield - the creator of the Sculpin IPA - It's an award winning billion dollar beer!

He also just so happened to mill our grains for us and give us tonnes of advice. Thought you might like to know.

For his amazing story you can follow the link below

Drink a brewski with us

You can find us in the big yellow Mariposa building just off the main street, near the town centre.

Or, you can shout out UTILA BREWING COMPANY until someone points you in the right direction - you decide.